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WYS Roleplaying Rules

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WYS Roleplaying Rules Empty WYS Roleplaying Rules

Post by Taylor on Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:18 pm

Roleplay Rules

> Although WYS permits gore, romance, and swearing, it is ultimately up to the creator of the RP to decide whether they want any of those things on their RP. Unless the creator specificies you cannot do any of those things, assume you can.

> No powerplaying. This means that you can't control anyone else's character. For example (my character is Suzy); "Suzy and Isabelle walked together along the forest. Isabelle put her arm around Suzy and Suzy blushed a peachy-pink shade".

> No perfect characters. Ultimately, every single person has flaws; use them.

> Fill out a form entirely! Don't leave a spot blank or say "I don't know what to put here".

>While romance is allowed, detailed sexual scenes should be kept to a minimal. We, the admins, don't mind them, however, some members might. If you must do them, try to keep them short or bring it to PM's, instead..

>No Godmodding. Godmodding is when a character is seemingly invincible, and never dies or gets hurt in fights. Sometimes, the character may barely even fight back and "win" the fight, all within one post. It's alright if you don't want your character to die at that moment; but please, when a fight occurs, give everyone a fair fight.

Example of what not to do
"My character uses her shapeshifting powers to grow ten times her original size, then squashes your character and kills him."

>Do not Autohit. Autohitting is when a character does something and walks away before the other character can react. This can be physically hitting the other character or saying something offensive to the other character and then walking away, so the other person cannot react.

Example of what not to do
"My character smirks and says, 'Well, what exactly have you accomplished that makes you Einstein?' Then sprints away and into class."

Failure to follow these rules could result in a temporary banning from the roleplay section.
Get banned twice from the roleplay section, and the third time will be permanent.

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