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"Martians Unite!"

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"Martians Unite!"

Post by Jalios on Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:53 pm

"They sent us here to dig up anything they could sell. They sent us here based on lies, and false hopes. We live in metal sheds, live on nutrition powder, and work for 18 hours straight, almost without pay, sleep, or time to rest. We cant afford to leave, and we cant afford to keep this up. They keep filling us with their lies, while watching our every move. Every street is filled with their soldiers, cloned, and bread to obey like machines. We... we have to do something. We have to try. Right?"

Location; (City of) New Ríno, Mars. Twenty years after colonization. Population, 13 thousand.
Status; Under martial law.

After the Earchican Revolution two hundred years ago, the moon colony declared its independence from the earth government. The moon, became a corporate oligarchy, (meaning, corporations took over, and everything is decided by a small group of the richest of the rich.) While earth became a one state government, ruled by an artificial intelligence, ruling based on collectivist ideologies ("the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few"). The moon colonized Mars, while Earth was rebuilding after the revolution. After giving Mars an artificial atmosphere, colonies spread far and wide. But, due to many worker strikes, protests, and the like, soon became a full rebellion, the Lunar council decided to simply turn off the atmosphere, and start over. Killing millions. Convincing everyone that it was due to an 'accident' the atmosphere was turned off. Now, the major colonies are placed under a giant air-tight dome, keeping breathable air inside. And they are now letting colonists over again, to continue to mine for precious minerals.

And here we' are. We are settlers from the moon, who came to mars. Why, is up to you. What you are planning to do, is up to you. Your life, and possibly the lives of others, are now in your hands.

Character Form:

Age : (... If you could imagine them working in a mine, then its probably fine.)

Job: (Miner, mechanic, doctor, construction worker, something along those lines.)

Psychical Appearance: (Thin, tall, small, blue eyes, along those lines.)

Personality: (Hard working, anti social, prideful, compassionate, something along those lines. NOTICE, EVERY CHARACTER HAS AT LEST ONE FLAW. Lets keep it interesting and human.)

Other: (family, secrets, personal trait)

-(All of this is based on my own setting. So yeah... any questions, don't be afraid to ask Smile )-

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Re: "Martians Unite!"

Post by Jalios on Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:34 pm

As soon as you exit the shuttle, and place your feet on the landing platform, you are met with an announcement over the city speakers.


Soldiers arrive to the platform, and order you all to pick up your things, and escort you to the registrations building.

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Re: "Martians Unite!"

Post by Jess on Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:04 pm

((woah, this looks really awesome! especially since we've never had an outer space rp -- it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

i do have a few questions. so, the characters, they're all humans, right? just cause at first i figured they'd be aliens, but after reading through it sounds like they're human.. I'm just not 100% sure. Very Happy

also, what is the main goal here? is it to live through the harsh conditions the character's are given? or is it to eventually overthrow and rebel against the people in control of those harsh conditions?

i'll be happy to join as soon as i'm clear on those questions. Smile ))

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Re: "Martians Unite!"

Post by Jalios on Mon Mar 02, 2015 8:06 am

((Well thank you. I am also hopeful of how this might play out.

You read it right. Just humans. Well, with spaceships and what not, but still 'just' humans.

Well, in terms of a goal... It might depend on your character, but I think the goal is to liberate the city. Your character might disagree, or might even be supportive of the Lunar Colonial government at first. I do however think it should be open ended. Mostly because things might play out differently, and that might end with different results. Who knows? Maybe stealing a ship to flee to earth, might seem like a better option for the characters.

So I guess its a 'yes' to both of your interpretations. Yes, you have to live through harsh conditions, while also possibly trying to fight back.

Hope that answered your question Jess Smile ))

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Re: "Martians Unite!"

Post by Sponsored content

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