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> Yøung Vølcanøes <

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> Yøung Vølcanøes <

Post by Taylor on Sun May 24, 2015 9:43 pm

< Y ∅ U N G - V ∅ L C A N ∅ E S >
< a zømbie apøcalypse rp >

< H ∅ W - I T - S T A R T E D >

DATE: Friday, ∅ctober 9th, 2015
TIME: 6:04 A.M.
LOCATION: Portland, ∅regon

A woman in her early twenties was making her typical pot of coffee before work. As she poured her first cup of the day, she saw a man running towards her house from her window. The man was bloodied, and her eyes must have been playing tricks on her, for it seemed that half of his face was hanging off. She called 911 immediately. She was still on the phone when the man leaped in through the window and pinned the woman down. And then there were two infected. And then there were ten. 100. 500. 1,000. 1,000,000. It only took one failed experiment to destroy the whole world. Radio’s, newspapers, the television - they were all plastered with news segments on the epidemic. All anyone could find out was it was spreading and fast.

Panic. State of emergencies were declared in nearly every city. People looked to the government for help, yet they kept the citizens in the dark.  They were told they were making a cure. The people knew differently; the government was locked in their cozy bomb shelters, their cozy CDC, helping the citizens the farthest thing on their minds.

Everyone was told to head to their nearest city. The news said there would be safe zones set up. Seattle, Portland, Phoenix – get there and everything would be fine. But that was right before the news and stopped broadcasting and all phone lines were cut. With everyone rushing to their nearest cities, highways and roads were blocked to no end. This was the perfect breeding ground for the infection. The closer you got to the cities the more you could smell burning bodies. Then the bombs were dropped. Each city bombed in hopes of eradicating all infected.


< N ∅ W >

DATE: Friday, November 20th, 2015
TIME: 4:33 P.M.
LOCATION: Brooks, ∅regon
Six weeks since the beginning of the infection. Only one man knows knew the truth of  how the infection started. A man named Caleb Nolls. A scientist from the CDC located in Atlanta, Georgia. Caleb had been working on a vaccine that, when injected, would result in complete immunization. It was a vaccine created to counteract a virus the Government had been working on to use for warfare. Once Caleb found out the virus had leaked, he left the CDC, taking up residence in a near by small town known as Brooks, Oregon.

Caleb helped the people of Brooks create a safe-zone once the news of the virus spread. He knew the effects of the virus, how to protect oneself from it. They built walls around the town, set up guards to protect themselves from any infected. For a while, the town was thriving. Whilst everyone was scared and worried about how they were going to survive, for the most part Broods was untouched by the epidemic due to its proximity away from Portland. The group set up their own make-shift safe zone with barriers, fire power and even their own clinic. Within the group everyone had their duties and their role to play. They had a system; there was no panic.

And then an infected got in.

Caleb was the first to go. Only 15 people survived out of the 109 that once lived. One of those 15 is you. Tensions are high and no one knows what to expect from this new world or the Government. It is all about survival.

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Re: > Yøung Vølcanøes <

Post by Taylor on Sun May 24, 2015 10:10 pm

> T H E  - I N F E C T I Ø N <

The infection is spread through contact with the infected, most commonly through bites and scratches. It only takes a very little amount of the infection to enter the system to infect a human being. A fungus grows on the brain whilst the host is still alive.  It is, obviously, an incredibly painful process. The virus has three stages of infection. As the fungus grows the host loses all higher brain function and becomes incapable of reason, they act out in violent fits of rage and will attack anyone in sight. When coming into contact with infected in stage one it is best to make sure you go unseen as well as unheard. Stage one can begin anywhere from one to two days after infection and progresses to the second stage over one to two weeks. The second stage of infection begins to affect the infected’s eyesight as a result of the progressive fungal growth. Eventually stage two leaves the host’s face entirely scared leaving them with no eyesight at all. The infected then begin to form advanced hearing to compensate. So far no infected have shown signs of further progression, however it is known there maybe even a fourth stage of infection.


> T H E  - I N F E C T E D <

The infected are mutated humans transformed into horrific new forms as a result of a fungal infection known as the CBI. The infection was originally created for warfare by The Government. The idea was the virus would cause a fungus to grow on the brain and kill an enemy within seconds. It is still unclear how the infection was released to the public, whether it was intentional or an accident it seems no one will ever know. Those infected, no matter what stage of infection are to be killed immediately.


> T H E  - S E T T I N G <

Brooks, Oregon. Population: 15

Brooks, Oregon is and always has been one of the smallest towns in Oregon. It is thousands of miles away from Portland, Oregon, therefore making it a prime spot to hide out from the infection.

There are walls made of wooden planks, stretching about 20 feet high, wrapped around the town. The wood is enforced by several slanted steel beams. Caleb and his followers had been the midst of placing barbed wire at the top of the wood before the infected broke in.

A gate is at the north of Brooks, and a watch tower is placed next to it.

A river runs through Brooks, though only a few fish still remain in the river. Most homes have wells in their backyard; a few have yet to be stripped of their water supply.

There are roughly 150 homes in Brooks, most have been raided in the six weeks of the infection. Some, however, are still open for raiding.

Caleb set up a clinic in what was once the CVS Pharmacy. He left behind several medical supplies, though nothing extreme. There are basic over-the-counter medicines, bandages, and classic equipment found in a typical first aid kit in the clinic.

An armory is in a shack outside of Town Hall, where Caleb once occupied. There are a plethora of weapons, thanks to the woods outside of Brooks once being a popular hunting spot.

The grocery store is where most of the food is held. Caleb had started a garden just outside of it, which currently has a variety of vegetables and fruits growing.

After the attack, some have started up training with weapons. There are no true experts with weapons; who really is in this modern time?

Overall, the city of Brooks is, for now, well stocked in terms of supplies, food, and weaponry. However, the defenses are weak after the last infected attack. The remaining survivors are scared. Their town which was once considered safe from the infected, is now at a potential risk.

Is 15 people enough to guard and populate a town? Should you be recruiting? Updating the defenses? Looking for more supplies? Training?

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Re: > Yøung Vølcanøes <

Post by Taylor on Sun May 24, 2015 10:17 pm

< F Ø R M >

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Personality:
  • Appearance:
  • Strengths:
  • Weaknesses:
  • How long have they been at Brooks:
  • Weapon of Choice:
  • Other:


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Re: > Yøung Vølcanøes <

Post by Taylor on Wed May 27, 2015 10:03 pm

Name: Lennon Sterling

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Lennon very much as a careless, fuck the world attitude. She doesn't think before doing; she acts on impulse 99.99% of the time. Lennon doesn't allow herself - or anyone else - to become a victim. If someone is being a general dick towards her or someone, Lennon will step in, regardless of whether or not she knows them. Some may call it selflessness, Lennon calls it not putting up with bitchy people. Lennon is quite insecure, and has a hard time believing she's anything but a failure. Of course, she's not one to mope around and complain about it. Who cares about her and her issues? Not her. Lennon can become a clingy person, which is the reason she doesn't allow herself to become attached to people. She knows that no friendship or relationship can really last forever, so what's the point in getting close?

Appearance: Before the apocalypse, Lennon had been dying her hair silvery-lavender, however, it's now faded (much to Lennon's annoyance), back to its original light brown. Lennon always wears her rose-gold necklace with a paper airplane charm on it, which she got from some thrift shop back home. Her style, oddly enough, hasn't changed much due to the apocalypse. A typical outfit for her is one of her dad's flannels, ripped jeans, and worn out white converse.

Strengths: Lennon is brave, whether or not she'll admit it. Nothing scares her. She's a natural leader and has a knack for getting people to do what she wants. Lennon is a skilled runner, thanks to late-night runs to the park with her friends back in England. She has good stamina, able to run for long periods without exhausting herself.

Weaknesses: Lennon doesn't really care about anything, not even her own life, and tends to put herself in dangerous situations, sometimes on purpose. She's quick to act on impulse, and doesn't think things through. Lennon can pick fights with almost anyone, and can get on the most calm person's nerves if she puts her mind to it. She's also become a much more avid smoker, which has taken its toll on her running ability and stamina.

How long have they been at Brooks: Lennon moved to Brooks at the age of 15 from Cheshire, England. Her maternal grandparents lived in Brooks their entire lives, however, her mum moved to Cheshire (Holmes Chapel, specifically) due to work. They moved back to Brooks for reasons Lennon never found out.

Weapon of Choice: Lennon has begun training with a crossbow. It was the first weapon she came across in the hunting department of Walmart and decided to grab it. She's not great with it, but she's able to hit things from a relatively far distance.

Other: Lennon's family life is... different, to say the least. Her mother was a perfectionist, who wanted her daughter to excel in everything. Her father, not one to disagree with his wife, did what she wanted. Back in Cheshire, Lennon attended a private school full of rich kids who were good at just about anything. Lennon hated every single one of them. She got into an abundance of fights which lead to her being expelled. Lennon was enrolled and quickly expelled from 3 more schools, before her mother finally allowed her to go to a public school. This is where Lennon met her true friends. Zach, a weed dealer, Lizzy, a drama-club member, and Alfie, a brainy scholar. They were the only things worth living for, in Lennon's opinion. They met up at the park every night to smoke and talk, and Lennon found her true family with them. With her mother constantly pressuring her to be the best and her father's frustrating ability to do nothing, Lennon considered these three her real family. They were part of the reason Lennon's family moved back to Brooks; her mother deemed them bad influences. Lennon resented her mother for years, and frequently slept at the library to avoid being with her. When her parents died in the outbreak, Lennon couldn't find it in her to shed a tear. also im so damn thirsty for harry im so sorry

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Re: > Yøung Vølcanøes <

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