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Other half rp?

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Other half rp?

Post by Jess on Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:53 pm

Okay, so this is an RP idea I saw on Tumblr.

BASICALLY, every character wears a necklace with half of a unique shape on it, and there's another person somewhere out there who wears the other half. When the two people get closer, the necklace gets warmer. When they're farther away, it gets freezing cold.

I was thinking that they could be given the necklaces at either age 16 or 18, and they wouldn't know how the necklaces worked, so they'd need to figure it out.

The only reason I'm asking you guys about this rp is because I'm not sure if anyone else would be interested in it. And, if so, there's not really much else to the rp, except for "finding your other half", which would get boring really quickly.

but we could add more to it. for example, before receiving their necklaces, two people could really like each other. but after getting the necklaces, they would see that they didn't match for some reason, so they wouldn't be "soul mates."

and maybe there could be glitches in the necklaces? yeah? like they would randomly get hot or freezing.. and if you messed something up with your other half, it would either deactivate or change in some way?

i don't know. lemme know if you guys would rp on something like this. otherwise i'm not even gonna bother.

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